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Sustainability Innovations, LLC

Important Living and Work Traits that may help you live sustainably in the 21st Century

  • Learn to Lead by Listening

  • Embrace Change and Adapt

  • Cultivate Emotional Balance, and Work/Life Balance

  • Collaborate, while first and foremost seeking to understand each person's perspectives

  • Be a mediator of information; share unselfishly (coaching is the new 'teaching')

  • Live with purpose, act with integrity, and cultivate ethical best practices

  • "This one thing I do": Translation, multi-tasking could be irresponsible. (think: texting and driving if you disagree with that notion) 

  • Communication with context is the clearest path toward effective and trustworthy relationship building

  • Make the most of new technology, as we appear to be embarking upon a ‘Golden Age’ of Technology (one that could last 100 years !)

  • Choose warmth, respect, kindness, humility, and approachability in all your daily interactions

  • Become good at what you do – practice, practice, and more practice (life is not a ‘test’)

  • Dare to be great at what you choose to do ! It's actually quite fun and exhilarating ! 

  • Empathy seems to be a learned trait - you aren't born with or without it !

  • Let's not allow patience to become a lost art form - the internet is super-fast, which means you may not always need to be ("measure twice, cut once" is a phrase my very wise father uses often; seems to work effectively in daily activities, and in living well overall.)

  • Above all, take good care of yourself ! Each of us only has one lifetime to live, and it's difficult helping others if you first don’t take good care to stay in shape, eat well, think clearly, and live to see each next day.

These axioms, traits, and developed habits will likely allow you, your family, your work, your business, your local community, our global society to become much more sustainable. Many have been, and are becoming more of, this business owner's and web-site author's direct daily experiences and life-long practices.